Living 3D Dolphins ScreenSaver

Three-dimensional dolphins playing on your screen




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Living 3D Dolphins ScreenSaver is a screensaver that displays a beautiful underwater scene featuring several dolphins.

The screensaver includes a variety of parameters that you can edit, like screen resolution, the number of dolphins (from one to one hundred), the number of the other fish in the scene, and even the scene itself.

It's worth noting that even though you can pack the screen with 3D dolphins, the program runs very smoothly and won't lag, which anyone with a less-powerful computer is sure to appreciate.

Living 3D Dolphins ScreenSaver is a gorgeous, relaxing screensaver. That, combined with the many ways that you can customize it, makes it a great download.

During the installation process, you will be asked to install various additional, unrelated programs that are not necessary to use this screensaver.

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